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MEC Medical applied Far-Infrared-Radiation (F.I.R.) heat therapy to all possible wearable products, including ankle brace, knee sleeve, wrist wrap, waist support, and arm sleeve, and other medical support device. F.I.R. heat therapy could increase blood flow, relieve chronic pain of joints and muscle, reduce stress and fatigue.

With the most fashion technology incorporating portable Li-ion battery power, high tech carbon fiber heating element and stylish 3D wrapping design, practical features with easy carry-on. MEC Medical dedicate to make our customers to have soothing high quality of therapeutic heat at anywhere, anytime in everyday life.

To add mobility in various possibilities, MEC Medical has continuous development in all possible detail by applying various power supply, e.g., plug-in power, Li-ion battery, USB port, and power bank. MEC Medical is always finding the optimal balance in between perfect heating time and temperature level.